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Alison Tam is an Infant Aquatics specialist. After years of teaching her very popular Baby & Toddlers classes in Hong Kong, she understood that many parents had the same struggles. Namely that it wasn't always easy for them to make it to her physical classes. Hence Alison Tam Swimming Online Academy was borne. To help busy parents become their child's first swimming teacher. 

Her physical swim school is based in Hong Kong and known as Alison Tam Swimming.

Alison's ability to help others overcome their fears, develop vital swimming skills, and foster a lifelong love for the water has always been her strength. Her methods encompass not only the technicalities of swimming but also a deep understanding of the psychological aspects associated with learning a new skill, especially for babies and toddlers. Alison believes in the magic of early learning and the incredible potential it unlocks.

As part of our commitment to making swimming accessible to all, we are expanding our reach beyond our physical classes. In her constant pursuit of empowering others through swimming, Alison is now bringing her time-tested and effective training methods globally. We are introducing online courses designed especially for parents, helping them teach their babies and toddlers to swim.

These digital classes hold true to the essence of ATS - the perfect blend of warmth, safety, and expert instruction. They will provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow lessons that parents can utilize in their local pools or even in their backyard, bridging the gap between professional instruction and at-home learning.

Our mission remains as steadfast as ever - to empower, to inspire, and to unlock a world of possibilities through swimming. Whether you're a parent seeking to introduce your baby to the water or an adult yearning to conquer your fears, ATS is your partner, every stroke of the way.

With Alison Tam Swimming, every dip in the water is a step towards confidence.

Dive into the world of ATS today and let's swim towards a brighter, better tomorrow together.

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