Aqua Tots: Become Your Infant's First Swim Teacher

Don't put off teaching your child essential water safety skills because you can't make it to lessons. Our online course will give you the tools to become your infant's first swimming teacher.

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Welcome to Aqua Tots

This online course was created by Alison Tam, an Infant Aquatic specialist, to give parents that couldn't make it to her in person classes, the necessary tools to become their child's first swimming teacher.

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Unleash Potential and Dive into Growth

Our online course gives you the freedom to teach your infant at a time and place convenient for you. Make water safety a lifestyle.

What will I learn?

The full AquaTots course comprises of two parts: Basic Skills and Progressions. 

You will learn how to safely hold and move your child in the water; train them for submersion; improve their grip strength; how to kick, float on their back; and to safely jump in the water. 

The second part of the course provides progressions on the basic skills.

With regular practice, it is possible for your child to be paddling before they are 3 years old.

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Early swimming lessons leads to early swimmers

Tilly joined in person Baby & Tots classes at 4 months old. When she moved abroad with her parents she continued her swim journey using our online AquaTots course. See how she swims now at 2 years and 10 months.

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Take a Sneak Peek into What's Inside:

Water Safety First: An in-depth introduction to water safety – because a safe swimmer is a happy swimmer.

Basic Skills: Master the fundamentals, from proper water holds to assisted kicks and jumps, building a solid foundation for your little swimmer.

Progressive Skills: Unlock the next level with advanced modules on everything from paddling to diving progressions, creating a confident, self-assured swimmer.

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Imagine the Benefits

Quality Time

Create unforgettable memories with your child, strengthening your bond in a fun, interactive way.

Peace of Mind

Equip your child with a vital life-saving skill, giving you peace of mind during pool times, beach vacations, and mor

Physical Development

Boost your child's motor skills, strength, and overall physical development through swimming.

Emotional Wellbeing

Swimming is not only fun; it also promotes mental wellbeing, encouraging your child to face challenges and conquer fears.

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Dive into the World of Water Safety!

Enhance your skills, knowledge, and confidence in the water with our structured course modules. Whether you're just getting your feet wet or looking to refine your techniques, we've got something for everyone.

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Join our family of confident swimmers and empowered parents. Embark on this journey with us today and see your child's water confidence soar. We understand you may have some budgetary requirements so we are happy to offer these options to help you get started.

Join the Aqua Tots Family Today!

Remember, every great swimmer starts with a single splash, and with Aqua Tots, that journey starts here. So what are you waiting for? Let's get splashing!

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